Amiro At-Home Microcurrent Device Turbo

Amiro At-Home Microcurrent Device Turbo is a beauty device focusing on anti-aging. It has two main functions: lifting and introduction. Here’s how to use it:
Lifting function: This instrument is equipped with three gears of different strengths, and the appropriate gear can be selected according to the tolerance of the individual’s skin. When using it, you only need to fit the instrument to the area that needs to be lifted, and move it slowly so that the current can be evenly transmitted to the deep layers of the skin, thereby achieving the effect of tightening the skin. It is recommended to apply some skin care products, such as essence, cream, etc., before use, which can better promote the absorption of nutrients.
Import function: After applying skin care products to the face, turn on the import function, fit the instrument to the skin, and move it slowly. Different from the lifting function, the introduction function needs to be used with a cotton pad, which can better deliver the nutrients in skin care products to the deeper layers of the skin. The import function has three levels to choose from, which can also be adjusted according to individual skin tolerance.
It should be noted that when using Amiro At-Home Microcurrent Device Turbo, you should avoid staying on the same site for a long time to avoid causing skin discomfort. At the same time, it is recommended to conduct a skin test before use to ensure that it will not cause irritation or allergic reaction to the skin.

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