Black Cherry Lips

Fall is here, and with it comes a new lip trend: black cherry lips. This bold and daring lip look is perfect for adding a touch of drama to any outfit.

To achieve the black cherry lip look, start with a lip primer to ensure your lips are smooth and hydrated. Then, apply a deep burgundy or wine-colored lipstick to your lips. You can use a lip brush for a more precise application or apply directly from the tube.

For an extra bold look, layer a black lip liner over the lipstick. This will intensify the color and make your lips look fuller. You can also add a touch of gloss for a shiny finish.

Black cherry lips are a statement look that is perfect for a night out or a special occasion. However, they can also be dressed down for a more everyday look. Pair them with a simple makeup look and neutral outfit for a chic and sophisticated look.

If you’re not sure if black cherry lips are for you, start with a sheer or glossier formula to ease into the trend. You can also experiment with different shades of burgundy and wine to find the perfect color for your skin tone.

Overall, black cherry lips are a fun and trendy way to update your lip look for fall. So why not embrace this bold trend and give it a try?

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